Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Muffin Mix

One word...


I receive a gluten free subscription box Love With Food which I really enjoy.

The August box included Bob's Red Mill Muffin Mix

We just happened to have some blueberries from our local farmer's market that needed to be used. So what better way to test out the new mix.

I followed all the directions but had to use butter instead of vegetable oil, as I had no vegetable oil available. But I don't mind butter and I don't think that made this mix better than if I had used oil but I would be willing to try it again with oil to test my theory :)

The mix was thick so I felt pretty confident this was going to make very good muffins.

Seriously, these are fantastic muffins. Moist, soft, tasty, slightly harder top, just soooo good. And while the blueberries were exceptional they just added to the tastiness of the muffin mix.

No idea how much the muffin mix costs as this was in my subscription box but I will find out soon as I am sure to have this as a staple in my pantry. 

Easy to make and easy to eat :)