Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Brazi Bites

A few years ago I used to order cheese rolls from a Brazilian Cheese Bread store - the name has long escaped me. At one point I remember they closed and I was sad as I would no longer be able to eat their amazing rolls. Then a year ago or so, Brazi Bites showed up.

Apparently they were a Shark Tank item and I even think they may be the people I used to buy from and they decided to go mainstream.

Brazi Bites are found in the freezer of the grocery store and are quickly stating to show up in most stores. I know Target is their newest store and I will also state that pricing can be significantly different between stores. In Giant in PA they can cost approximately $6 and in Wegmans in PA they can cost approximately $4. You can get coupons and if you are lucky to get to try them for free, do so.

I love these little cheese rolls. They are slightly lighter and different than their predecessor but I would not turn these away. I have tried the two flavors I would eat: Cheddar & Parmesan and 3 Cheese Pizza. I do not like Garlic or Zesty Pepper so try those if you like those flavors.

Be sure to follow the instructions and you should end up with warm soft cheesy rolls. They are so delicious and I have been known to just eat these for dinner. I even like them cold and a few days old. They are best though warm out of the oven, so I would not suggest making the whole bag unless you want to eat them all... no judgement from me ;)

I prefer the Cheddar & Parmesan to the 3 Cheese Pizza but they are both very tasty.

Be sure to check out their website and be on the lookout for their coupons. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

La Rosa Pasta

In one of my gluten free boxes I received a box of La Rosa Pasta. So last night we have pasta for dinner.

Specifically Tagliatelle.

For some reason it took me way too long to find the cooking instructions and 12 minutes seemed way too long also but it worked. Also please note this was “out of date”. Not sure how that happened but alas it did. It did not seem to affect the outcome but of course I have never eaten this brand while in date so take that into account.

In the box was one bag and in it was 4 “nests” of noodles. I decided to make all of it as one nest each didn’t look like enough food for myself and my husband. I am glad I did as we ended up eating all of it with no left overs. (Note: we were really hungry)

It cooked up nicely but I would say after pouring it into the colander it did stick to itself more than I like it to. This could have been due to age or could be due to gluten free. The taste was very good along with the texture. It reminded me very much of gluten pasta.

For those interested, here are the nutritional facts. I liked it enough that I would try this brand again.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Halelife Bakery Cupcakes in a Jar

I have been following Gluten Away, now known as Halelife, for quite some time now and always appreciated their information. So when they offered cupcakes in a jar I decided I wanted to support them and try them out. The cupcakes are gluten free, vegan and allergen friendly.

I purchased their deal of buy 4 get a Cookies N Cream jar for free. It was $39.95 and luckily free shipping. This seemed to be more than I would like to spend as it works out to $8 a jar but they state the jars are 2 cupcakes, so that is $4 a jar which seemed worth it then. I waited patiently for my shipment and was very excited when it showed up on my doorstep 7 days later.

I received Vanilla Raspberry, Dulce De Leche, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Caramel and Cookies N Cream.

I started with Vanilla Raspberry and ate it all on my own. It didn’t seem like I was eating two cupcakes but when I ended up sharing all the others it was definitely better to just eat half the jar. It was very sweet which I don’t usually mind but it was a nice tasting of vanilla cake and raspberry flavor and maybe because I ate the whole jar myself, I would say that it was too sweet overall.

Next was sharing Cookies N Cream and this was soooo tasty. It was very sweet but in this I didn’t care because these two flavors are my favorites and in combination, yummmm. Moist, sweet and oh so tasty.

Next I shared Chocolate Caramel and while the chocolate cake was very moist and tasty I could not taste the caramel. If I just tried the icing, then I noticed the caramel but with the cake it was not noticeable to me.

Next Chocolate Ganache and this was too much chocolate and while I LOVE chocolate I prefer to not have chocolate on chocolate. The tastes were very good overall but just too sweet and too much chocolate but if you love chocolate on chocolate you can’t beat this one.

The last one was Dulce De Leche and I have no idea what flavor this was or what it should have been. This was not very moist and I did not like it. In fact it was this one that made me realize what I didn’t like about the Vanilla Raspberry, the vanilla cake is too dry. This doesn’t allow for the vanilla flavor to come through enough.

I wish I could rave about these but I definitely have to say I am glad I ordered them to try and I might be tempted to order them again if there was a future deal ... especially if Cookies N Cream is involved! If you like cupcakes, and don’t mind spending a little more than usual, I say go for it and enjoy all the sweetness.