Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cup 4 Cup Chocolate Brownie Mix

Where to start?

First thank you to my friend for recommending this mix to me.

Second if I were served these without being told they were gluten free, I would never know AND I would guarantee the server that they were gluten filled.

Third exactly how I remember brownies pre-gluten free life.

Last worth every penny! EVERY PENNY!

Simple and easy to make. I used butter and not the oil in the mix but I did oil the pan.

The worst part....

Waiting for them to cool before cutting and eating them!!!!!

Run now and get these!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Made Good

I first tried these at the Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo.

Then they were the snack on my plane ride to Atlanta.

And now I have found them at CVS.

Not only are they delicious BUT they are also a single serving of vegetables!!
Yes I said vegetables!! I have no idea how they did it but I do not notice any vegetable taste at all. 
These are sweet, tasty and filling.
I highly recommend these. They are worth every penny in my opinion.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Flatbread Gluten Free Pizza

I know I have had this pizza before and I wasn’t impressed that time.

So I am not sure if this time I had it, it was actually better or if I was just hungry or what it was.
But this time I really liked the pizza. It was a little chewy but I loved the flavor of the pizza.
It was very enjoyable. I wish there were a little more cheese on it but it still tasted good.

I mainly got it because I wanted pizza and it was on sale. I am not sure I would spend regular price on it but on sale I would try it again.

It is thin crust and where it was crunchy it was even better. I am not sure if the chewy was due to me, the oven or the pizza BUT the taste still overcame the chewy. I really liked the sauce, the cheese, the crust and I don’t usually care about basil but all together this was very flavorful. I would love to use this as an appetizer sometime because I think it would be really good as small pieces of pizza.

Try it and let me know your thoughts... and if you have any suggestions for eliminating the chewiness, please let me know.