Friday, April 20, 2018

Smokey Bones - North Wales PA

By chance last year, we needed somewhere to eat one night while at the Mall. I use the Find Me Gluten Free app and Smokey Bones came up as an option. I didn’t believe it, so I clicked through to see the menu. Lo and Behold they had a gluten free options menu.

Off we went. It was so good and we have been back a few more times since. The most recent on March 30th. I had a coupon and $10 on the rewards card. I ordered my usual and as usual it was delicious!

Pulled pork, broccoli and a baked potato. Seriously sooo good. I am sure the large amount of butter on the broccoli helps a little but overall their food is very good. The pork is flavorful, juicy and tender. I wish they would offer gluten free rolls for the pork and there are times I think I will bring along my own because I think it would be even more delicious but I can survive without.

I highly recommend checking them out. Of course if you have serious allergies you would have to inquire as to their practices. I have not had any issues after eating there but I have not asked about their practices.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Gluten Free dinner at Grub Burger - North Wales PA

On Monday April 9th I was lucky enough to have a very special gluten free dinner at Grub Burger Bar in North Wales, PA. My friend’s friend is the manager and she wanted us to come in and try their gluten free options. How could I say no, not only to the possibility of a great meal but seeing some friends in the process.

So at 7pm we met and found our table. Tracy, the manager, came out and welcomed us and started telling us all about their training and processes for gluten free meals. They can offer many option for many allergies, not just gluten/wheat. There are different meat options, different wrap options and the ability to add/remove items from many of the items on the menu.

I am not a spicy eater and I am reluctant to try new things but I was excited because of the options I could try here. We started out with Cheesey Sweet Potato Fries. The sweet potato fries are made in their own fryer unlike the regular fries - but if you are ok with some cross contamination, then you can have the regular fries. Of course the sweet potato fries are excellent.

Those are the sauces listed on the menu - all are gluten free.

We were then brought out, Brussels Sprouts. Welllll, I’ll be honest I am not even sure I have ever even tried a Brussels Sprout and always just assumed I wouldn’t like them. They were not bad. I wouldn’t say I loved them but I definitely didn’t hate them and while I would never eat a whole order myself, I would try more if someone else had them at the table.

Next up was Ahi Tuna and it was delicious. I accidentally ate raw ahi tuna a few years ago in San Diego when I thought I was ordering Mahi Mahi. I liked it but I have to say this was even better than that time. It was cut perfectly and the rub was delicious too.

Then we picked the California Chicken Salad and it was divided four ways. It was delicious but a little too spicy for me. The black bean and corn on it was too hot but if you like that, then this salad is for you.

Then we had to pick our burgers. We were to choose 4 and they were to be divided. Unfortunately in order for the other three ladies to get burgers then wanted I had to order one of my own because all the others had things on them either I could not eat (coconut or beef) or don’t like (spicy) and I didn’t want to hold them up from enjoying the burgers. So they kindly let me get my own and they shared the blue circled burgers and they loved them all.

I got the red circled burger minus the sauce and pickles. My Bacon Cheese Turkey Buger was delicious. Absolutely delicious. Juicy, smoky, cheesy, perfect amount of gluten free roll to all the insides and crunchy bacon. Mmmm bacon. I am craving this burger as I write this. I was a little concerned about the turkey burger because Tracy said it had pesto in it. I have always assume pesto was spicy or heavy, so I asked what the ingredients were. I wish I wrote them down but I can say they were not what I expected and she added you don’t really taste it, it just keeps the turkey juicy. I decided to try it and I am sooo glad I did.

And just when we though we were full, Tracy asks us what kind of shakes do we want? What? More food? Well, twist my arm. She told us that their shakes do not have any lactose in them. I sometimes have issues with dairy so I was curious how I would respond to the shake. I had no issues at all. In fact the shake was even refreshing and not heavy at all. I got strawberry, one got salted caramel and the other two got Nutella. Oh my goodness. No way to explain how delicious these shakes were. Fresh, light, tasting exactly like their flavor and no after effects of dairy. YUMMY

I can not stress enough that you need to get to Grub Burger and try everything on the menu. It is quirky, different, amazing flavors, creative items, great options and wonderful service. The prices are reasonsable for what you get and really you will not get these flavors any where else and be able to be gluten free too.

I had no reactions at all, not only to any cross contamination, of which there was none, but even the spices and odd things I ate. This is a rarity, so I am even more excited about Grub Burger becoming a regular place for me to visit. It was a wonderful night of food and friends. Please check out a Grub Burger near you and let me know how you like it.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Glutino Toaster Pastry - Frosted Strawberry

Another guilty pleasure I miss from my gluten filled days are PopTarts. Especially frosted ones. Enter Glutino and their take on PopTarts.

They have plain strawberry and blueberry and frosted strawberry and blueberry. When they first came out with these, there were no frosted so I tried the plain. They were good but I really wanted the frosting. So I was thrilled when last year or so, they released the frosted version. I LOVE them.

I like them cold but they are perfect warmed up just a little bit in a toaster. Be careful of the melting frosting, I only use the lowest setting to heat mine. If I had a toaster oven I might choose to use that instead to avoid the melting frosting.

There is a prefect amount of filling, dough and frosting for me. Truly just like the PopTarts I remember ... if not better tasting.

Now if they could just come up with the fudge dough with white filling and frosting. I would be in heaven. *runs off to write to Glutino*