Monday, June 13, 2016

Aldi Gluten Free Ravioli

Ravioli is one of my favorite foods.

When I had to start eating gluten free 16 years ago I was so sad to have to give up ravioli.

Since then a few companies have made gluten free ravioli. I have liked many of them and I will eventually post about them here.

This post is about my favorite by far at this time.

Aldi's Live Gfree Gluten Free Ravioli

And not only just the cheese ravioli
they also have Spinach & Cheese Ravioli 

Yummy yum yum yum is the best I can say.
The insides of the ravioli are perfect. 
Thick, cheesy, just right moistness, perfect spices, just like I like ravioli.
The pasta perfectly offsets the insides, not too much and not too little.
I followed the directions exactly as stated and cooked for the longer 8 minutes.
There were 12 in the cheese bag and 11 in the spinach and cheese bag, so basically two servings and six ravioli was the perfect amount for me for dinner, although I could have easily eaten all of them :)
Another great part... they are only $3.99 a bag.

If you love ravioli, I say run out to your nearest Aldi and pick up these ravioli now and enjoy!

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