Sunday, June 19, 2016


I love bread. I love Italian bread, I love French bread. Lucky for me I have been able to try some yummy gluten free baguettes of both varieties recently.

Schar Italian Baguettes
Udi's French Baguettes
Wegman's White Baguette

From just that listing one of the biggest differences amongst the three baguettes I tried is that the Wegman's version only has one baguette in the packaging. This would make it the most expensive then:

Schar $6.99 2 baguettes 

Udi's $7.99 2 baguettes

Wegman's $5.99 1 baguette

Schar is the softest of the bunch both outer and inner
Udi's is in the middle of soft/hard both outer and inner
Wegman's is the hardest/toughest both outer and inner

Schar is sold on the shelf in the gluten free aisle
Udi's is frozen
Wegman's is also off the shelf but found in the bakery section

Schar is good both right out of the package and heated per directions.
Udi's I was only able to try heated from frozen following the package instructions.
Wegman's was ok out of the package and much better heated per instructions.

All three are good with and without butter.
All three are about the same size.

Schar is unlike any gluten filled bread I have had but I love it.
Udi's tasted just like I remember gluten filled French Bread and it is wonderful.
Wegman's reminded me of gluten filled Italian bread but different but not bad.

So with all this said, my order of choices for baguettes is:


The number one reason for Schar is that I like it both out of package and heated. I like that it is a little sweet. I like that it isn't as messy as Udi's and Wegman's which have very tough outsides. I also like that it is easier to find in stores than Udi's and Wegman's and ordering online if needed.

Everyone's tastes are different, so if you have any baguettes you think I should try please let me know in the comments.

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