Friday, July 1, 2016

Bonavita Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

Bought a new gluten free cheese pizza a little bit ago. It was on a great sale at a new store I was at but without giving too much away already, I can guess why it was on sale.

Bonavita - The Good Life

Hmmm Good Life?

If they had remembered to put the sauce on the pizza it may have been an ok life.
Unfortunately, it does appear they did not put any tomato sauce on the pizza and while I am not sure that would have saved this pizza, it might have helped.

Before baking

I followed the directions but had to add another 2 minutes as the cheese was not fully melted. I also noticed that while it seemed "thick" it was an illusion of the curved crust.

It is listed as a thin crust pizza and it was but that was only part of the issues I had with this pizza. 
It was very salty and even though it looked baked, the dough seemed to still be raw in places. 
I couldn't have cooked the pizza any longer or it would have burned the cheese.
I can only wonder if the lack of sauce is what caused all the issues.

If I could guarantee that the next one would have sauce I would give this a try again but it would also have to be on sale again as if I recall the regular price was $7.99 and the sale was $4. It most definitely is not worth $7.99. I can get a much bigger and tastier Freschetta for $9.99 and have leftovers. 

Has anyone else tried this pizza? How was it for you? Should I try it again and hope for sauce? Let me know in the comments.

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