Sunday, July 31, 2016

Evol - Teriyaki Chicken

Just a quick post about my favorite go to frozen meal.

I don't usually eat frozen meals but after I tried Evol's Teriyaki Chicken I was hooked.

There is lots of chicken, great veggies, rice and teriyaki sauce. The meal is so magical to me that I now like sweet peppers! I never liked them before but after having them in this meal, I have now made stuffed peppers 3 times and loved them.

If you are looking for a quick single serve meal, this is it, if you like the ingredients. In 3 minutes and 30 seconds you have a healthy yummy meal. There are also two serving meals that are found in very few places and you cook them on the stove in 10 minutes, just as yummy.

I highly recommend this and be sure to check out their other meals (double check they are gluten free) as I am sure they are just as yummy, I just don't eat most of the ingredients in the other selections :)

Enjoy Evol!

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