Sunday, July 3, 2016

Udi's Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

Out of all the small pizzas out there Udi's is my favorite. Even though I have had some issues with it in the past, the flavor always makes up for it.

In full disclosure the issues have been 1) the middle of the pizza not being connected to the outer ring of the pizza. 2) The cheese and sauce separating from the crust when coming out of the freezer but it doesn't cause a problem, just odd that it happens. More full disclosure, any time I have sent a complaint to Udi's they have always responded and offered a free item coupon. I appreciate this and I have seen changes in their items I write about that lead me to not have to write again. So it appears they listen and try to correct any issues.

Again though neither of these issues above affected the flavor.

Here is what the pizza looks like out of the freezer.

Best looking one to start, out of the current three I have tried.

This pizza also does have the oddest instructions:

You heat up your pan before putting the pizza in the oven. These are fairly new instructions and I would advise to set your oven timer to the 14 minutes to start AND still watch the pizza. I still haven't mastered not over doing parts of the pizza.

Again, I state, this does not affect the flavor of the pizza.

The pizza is equally proportioned with cheese, sauce and crust.
It has good pizza spice and the cheese is gooey and tasty.
The sauce is not overwhelming and covers the whole pizza, along with the cheese.
This might be my favorite part. There is no crust edge like many pizzas.

The price point can be high on this pizza $6.99 but I think it is worth it and I would easily choose this over the other 2 pizzas I reviewed this weekend.

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