Sunday, February 18, 2018

La Rosa Pasta

In one of my gluten free boxes I received a box of La Rosa Pasta. So last night we have pasta for dinner.

Specifically Tagliatelle.

For some reason it took me way too long to find the cooking instructions and 12 minutes seemed way too long also but it worked. Also please note this was “out of date”. Not sure how that happened but alas it did. It did not seem to affect the outcome but of course I have never eaten this brand while in date so take that into account.

In the box was one bag and in it was 4 “nests” of noodles. I decided to make all of it as one nest each didn’t look like enough food for myself and my husband. I am glad I did as we ended up eating all of it with no left overs. (Note: we were really hungry)

It cooked up nicely but I would say after pouring it into the colander it did stick to itself more than I like it to. This could have been due to age or could be due to gluten free. The taste was very good along with the texture. It reminded me very much of gluten pasta.

For those interested, here are the nutritional facts. I liked it enough that I would try this brand again.

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