Saturday, March 31, 2018

Osem Pretzel Thins

The thing I have missed most, in my 18 years of being gluten free, are pretzels.
I LOVE pretzels. They are my downfall.
So much so that I used to have nightmares that I ate gluten filled pretzels and I would wake up thinking it was real.

I have over the years found pretzels I love... First was Glutino but then they changed their recipe.
Second was Snyder’s but I get tired of them - too crunchy. Most recently and still tops are Gratify pretzel sticks.

But there is one other brand that I like and I only get them at Passover: Osem Pretzel Thins.

These pretzels are not like regular pretzels to me but if you have ever had a butter pretzel that is what they remind me of. They are buttery, crunchy but not hard, sweet, salty and truly a delicious flavor. These are dangerous, though, as I could easily eat a whole bag and not even realize it.

As I said this isn’t a traditional pretzel as I know them but I love them any way. I found these at Giant.

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