Saturday, March 3, 2018

Caruso’s Souderton PA

I have been wanting to go back to Caruso’s Brick Oven Trattoria in Souderton PA for a little bit now. Last Saturday finally presented the opportunity. We almost couldn’t get a seat, so I suggest making a reservation if you are indeed going to go there for dinner... especially before a show at Montgomery Theater.

It took a little while for our server to come to our table but once she did, she was attentive and helpful when it came to gluten free options and offering her thoughts on different foods to try. We started with the nightly appetizer special that was naturally gluten free... if you order the up charged gluten free bread (worth every penny). It was a smoked mozzarella ball over broccoli rabe and pea sauce (which was incredible) with capicola and the gluten free bread. I was grateful they put the capicola on its own plate as I am not a fan of it. The gluten free bread also came out on its own plate and it was basically a pizza crust. It was de.lic.ous! Writing about this appetizer right now is making my mouth water. It was so good that I don’t even have a photo except of the left overs we took home (sorry).

Then I chose to get the gluten free version of their chicken parmesan. It is grilled chicken with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce with a side of very interesting gluten free pasta. There were two breasts of chicken and no joke the meal turned into 3 servings for me and it was only $15!! There is no up charge for gluten free meals, just the bread. This is the only place where I have had that experience of not paying more for gluten free pasta, etc. A nice change.

My husband chose to get a gluten free pizza. It was the same “bread” that we had for the appetizer and it was topped with so many things. It tasted good but it was a little “soggy” and not easily eaten like a pizza. I think just sauce and cheese would work best for the crust and maybe not all the toppings he had.

Then for dessert they only have creme brûlée as the gluten free option, lucky me that I LOVE it and am trying to become an expert at trying it every where I go. It was more like a thick pudding but it was excellent. They even topped it with powered sugar which enhanced the sweetness and was a great ending to an excellent meal.

I can not vouch for if this is a celiac friendly place as I did not inquire about how all the food was made but I can tell you I did not get ill or for that matter even get a little tummy upset from the onions or garlic which is pretty common for me. I can’t wait to go back and after writing this post, I am ready to go back right now.

I highly recommend this place but please inquire for your specific needs for gluten free. Also remember to make a reservation to insure you get in and do not have to wait or even worse be turned away.

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