Monday, April 9, 2018

Barilla Penne Pasta

I have had Barilla pasta before but forgot to write it up and it was back when I wasn’t posting like I am now.

There are two great things about Barilla Penne pasta, to me:

1) It reminds me of regular gluten filled pasta


2) It is inexpensive for gluten free pasta

These are two huge requirements for me, although I have no issue paying more for better taste. Luckily here, I get both. I found this at Giant and there lots of other varieties to be had. Penne to me is traditional and it works for lots of recipes and just eating on its own.

Following the directions for al dente, it actually ended up a little softer but actually just the way I like it, so that was good. I drained it and then we just added pasta sauce, chicken and cheese on top. It was delicious. It was just the right texture and density. It had flavor but not overwhelming and no after taste.

My only complaint... when I went back to the pasta in the colander, it was sticking together somewhat. That didn’t stop me from eating more or still saving it for left overs but I wish it wouldn’t stick.

I highly recommend Barilla Penne Pasta and probably all their other variations, I can’t imagine they are not just as good. But as always, try it and see if you like it. At least if you don’t you won’t have spent a lot of money on it :)


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