Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes

My most favorite food in the world is potato, specifically mashed potatoes. I LOVE mashed potatoes. Plain with no onion or garlic or anything that would detract from the potato taste, butter is ok but that’s it. No gravy either. If I need gravy then the mashed potatoes are not good.

My favorite microwave mashed potatoes are Simply Potatoes but they are getting hard to find for some reason. In comes Bob Evans.

My hubby bought these at Giant and they state right on them that they are gluten free.

Following the instructions, we made the potatoes. They are really good. A little too much flavor other than potato and butter but overall very good. I would definitely buy them again if I didn’t want to take the time to make my own or if I just wanted a quick dinner... yes I have been known to have just mashed potatoes for is good.

Since everyone has different tastes when it comes to mashed potatoes, I would suggest trying these as they are very good but if you can find Simply Potatoes I would try those too.

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